The ultimate guide to putting an end to all your packaging problems

Every company aims to use the best packaging for its products. Therefore, companies employ several different packaging solutions for this purpose. However, one of the most efficient and versatile solutions is to use sleeve boxes. These elegant boxes can be used for a wide range of products. You can use them for items such as macaroons, lotion boxes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Furthermore, these boxes also have customizable shapes and sizes as well. Thus, if you are confused about selecting the right design, these boxes are a safe and effective packaging solution for you. Read this guide to find out different ways to customize custom sleeve boxes to get your desired results.

Create firm boxes by choosing the right material retail boxes
One of the main uses of boxes is to prevent the products from getting damaged or breaking. This is because boxes may go through harsh situations during transportation. Therefore, it is imperative to make sturdy boxes that maintain their shape and keep the products secure. This will also help you deliver quality products to the customers as well.

Packaging companies give you complete liberty to select a suitable material according to your products. For instance, you can use cardstock for cheap sleeve packaging. This material is not only thick but affordable as well. Similarly, you can also use corrugated material for more fragile products. Corrugated material is resilient and has a customizable thickness as well. It is also suitable for making boxes for shipping and storage purposes.

On the other hand, packaging companies also offer eco-friendly alternatives such as kraft material for your packaging needs. Kraft material is safe for the environment as it is biodegradable and recyclable as well. Furthermore, it is also durable and appropriate for keeping your precious products damage-free.

Enhance the boxes with additional customizations
Due to the tough competition in the market, it is crucial to use unique packaging to help your products stand out. If your boxes are not impressive enough, customers may not notice them, resulting in a decrease in sales. Therefore, it is vital to create a design that grabs the customers’ attention and compels them to buy your product. Additionally, using unique boxes is also an excellent way to promote and advertise your brand and its products.

So, the first thing you can do to enhance your design is to select a color combination. Furthermore, it is necessary to keep your target audience in mind while choosing the colors. In addition to this, it is also essential to use a color combination that represents your brand. You can also select a suitable color model according to the type of results you want. The two models you can choose from are;


• PMS.

Packaging companies also give you the facility of using different add-ons to take our design up a notch. You can think of add-ons as a way to decorate your lotion boxes and enhance the design. Moreover, there are several different add-ons that you can use for custom sleeve packaging, such as:

• Embossing.

• Debossing.

• Embossing.

• Die-cutting.

• PVC windows.

Select an appropriate coating Bath Bomb Packaging
The coating is another important detail of the design that should not be neglected. The coating serves as a background for the rest of the details of the design. Therefore, it is crucial to pick a coating that complements the rest of the design as well. Packaging companies offer the following coating for you to choose from for custom packaging sleeves:

• Gloss coating: This coating is used to give the boxes a beautiful shiny look. It also prevents colors from soaking into the material of the boxes. Furthermore, this coating also makes the boxes sturdier due to their extra layers.

• Matte coating: This coating is suitable to use if you want to give the sleeve boxes a matte finish. However, this coating does not stop the material from soaking in the colors.

• Spot UV: This unique coating can be used to give a gloss and matte effect to the boxes.

Use inserts for safer packaging
Keeping the products in their place is essential to prevent them from getting damaged. Therefore, you can use inserts to prevent your products from getting displaced during transportation. In addition to this, inserts also facilitate the setting and assembly of the products inside the box. Thus, customers find everything neatly in its place when they open the box. Hence, this addition is also beneficial for making the customers’ unboxing experience better. You can select from the following inserts to make the custom printed sleeve boxes safer and efficient:

• Cardboard.

• Paper.

• Punch inserts.

• Blister.

Make use of personalized printing for better and prominent boxes
Customizable printing is a great way to create outstanding boxes for your products. With this tool, you can print beautiful and unique patterns to make your boxes distinctive. Furthermore, you can also print a unique logo and brand name to increase your brand recognition.

Additionally, packaging companies also offer you the liberty of choosing any printing technique you deem best. The printing techniques available for sleeve soap boxes are:

• Flexography printing.

• Digital printing.

• Lithographic printing.

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