Business Consulting – Using a Consultant to Facilitate Business Competence and Motivation, Part 2

In the corporate setting business consultants are brought in to work on many topics including competence in motivation. Envy is related to feelings of inferiority, which are brought about by unfavorable social comparisons and can contribute to a person’s negative self-evaluations. You possibly have witnessed this through the years that individuals of the same economic means, as in income, generally stick together. You may not have ever been the type of person to boast or build yourself up.

You may be secure enough with yourself and am happy for what you have. For many in the corporate sector, contents in motivation are two areas that business consultants assist employees with. Emotions towards friends, peers and colleagues are often touched upon in order to develop better communication within the business.

You do not envy your friends who have more because you believe you can achieve it too, if it is something you really want. However, you may be annoyed with the friends that boast and are arrogant. You may look at them as being very insecure, but you know they think they are impressing you.

Everyone is not the same and we all have different talents and learning abilities, but living one’s life with incremental views seems to have an all around positive outlook with all the individuals who live and learn by this theory.

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